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3 in 1 Experience Bali Village


Desa Bali 3 in 1 Experience Bali Village
Experience the daily life and culture of Bali in the traditional village closer where they run a simple life with harmony and practical philosophy of life handed down by their ancestors. This program will bring a new perspective in understanding Balinese mentality and character and you get a wide range of Balinese life behind the scene.

Explanation of Balinese compound, daily life activities such as Balinese offering, Making “Boreh” herbal medicine, Balinese Scrip and write your name on Lontar leaf as unique necklace Desa Bali gift and continue to garden to introduce to find out how to crack open fresh coconuts with traditional technique and extract the meat inside, and then turn that tasty white flesh into velvety smooth oil used to cooking.

Learn the secrets of Balinese cuisine and prepare delicious meals thanks to our “hands-on” cooking classes. with the aim of transferring knowledge about culture, history, traditions and
Experience and knowledge for Balinese dance art with energetic movements



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